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Keep on Trekking

My pants are feeling a little snug. I’ve been making plans to join the gym. Or at least use the lonely treadmill that sits upstairs. Just 30 minutes a day would make a difference, right?

One morning last week, I walked past the treadmill, plopped my plumpness in front of the computer and took a quick check of my email. I sipped my coffee, keeping one eye on the little clock in the bottom right of my monitor so I wouldn’t be too late for work. (Now that my commute is all of 15 minutes, I find it harder and harder to get there on time. It makes no sense, I know.) Anyway, there was the nicest message from Sue at Little Knits, inviting me to check out their latest yarn sale. How could I resist? A few quick clicks, a tap tap tap on my keyboard and before I knew it I had purchased enough Trekking XXL to warm the toes of all my family members under the age of 15.

Why can’t excercising be this easy?

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Welcome Back Old Friend

Some people can knit sweaters. I am not one of those people. Right now, I have two sweaters on the needles. Tilia and Viking Turid, both beautiful designs by Elsebeth Lavold. The designs are lovely, the yarn is a joy, its the gauge that gets me every time. No matter how much I swatch, the pattern dimesions come out all wrong.

It is just so frustrating, certainly not feeling like the “meditation” or “new yoga” that we all know knitting has become. So I’ve come back to my old friend, sock knitting. And I’m using an old friend of a pattern, Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks, by Nancy Bush.

Isn’t the trekking yarn 105 just perfect for a chilly autumn morning?

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Heat Wave Trekking

Remember this? Or this? Now, we are all stitchn’ and bitchn’ about the heat. Boston experienced a heat index of 101. I’m not exactly clear on how the heat index is measured, but I believe it has something to do with the amount one knitter will perspire as she leisurely walks from Downtown Crossing to Copley Place. Thank goodness there was a yarn shop along the way for a little respite.

When I inquired about that new Opal Rainforest yarn that the sock world has been buzzing about, the woman behind the counter gave me a puzzled looked and said, “Opal…is that the yarn that makes its own pattern?” Oh my, this is not a good sign for a yarn shop. But, I forgave her lack of yarn knowledge, as her store only recently made the leap from needlepoint to knitting, and the place was well air-conditioned.

So, I bought this instead. It is called Trekking XXL, color #15. I just love the bright primary colors, and I think my niece will too.

Wally says, “Hey nice yarn, keep knitting those socks. Good things happen when you knit.”


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