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A 40-Year Old Virgin No Longer

An iPod virgin that is.

So I’m a little late to the party, but I finally broke down and bought a “nano” and OH MY GOD it is the absolute coolest gadget I have ever owned. Even better than my new needles and my very favorite row counter.

Jeff and I have been agonizing about whether to buy an iPod for over a year–should we, shouldn’t we, can we afford it, will we really use it, how does it work, blah, blah, blah.
Finally, and quite unexpectedly, on Sunday morning he practically pushed me out the front door with a stern look and strict instructions to “go buy an iPod”. Since I always follow his instructions, I headed to the nearest gadget store. And I bought two. Not so good at following instructions after all, eh?

His holds 7,500 (!) songs, while mine holds a mere 250. But, mine has plenty of space for audiobooks and knitting podcasts. So for the past few days I’ve been listening to chick lit while loading the dishwasher, ironing the laundry, and walking on the treadmill. I’ve been spotted bopping up and down the street while walking Max and simultaneously rocking out with my rock and roll boyfriend. Best of all I wear it WHILE I AM KNITTING!! I am now one of the cool kids who listens to the way cool podcast.

So since I’m still so new at this iPod thing, I’m hoping my knitting friends can show me the ropes. Should I knit a cover or buy one off the rack? I’m thinking I want the little plastic cover to protect the screen and the wheel. But a felted cover would be so cool too. What do you think? What are your favorite podcasts, knitting or otherwise? Where can I find cheap audiobooks? And has anyone invented tiny wireless earbuds so I can secretly wear this thing at the office during especially boring staff meetings?

P.S. – Thanks for the comments on my last post/rant on the evils of embedded marketing. I’m still not convinced that its the best approach, but I love the fact that you all stopped by and shared your thoughts. Happy Knitting!

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