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Keep Your Chin Up

Last weekend I finished the Madeira Cascade Scarf. Apologies for the very dark image. And no, I don’t have a giraffe neck. I’m just following the advice of a kind photographer I met once while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

You know the story. The photographer is hired by the hotel to take pictures of the guests poolside, happy, smiling, and holding umbrella drinks. You feel like a supermodel when the picture is snapped and then you see it on the huge display board in the lobby that evening on your way to the dinner buffet and you’ll pay any price to get it off that wall, because you’re thinking, “Oh My God, is that what I really look like in a bathing suit???”
Anyway, that kind Caribbean photographer told me to always keep my chin up when being photographed. It’s one piece of advice I always follow.
This scarf pattern was enjoyable and fairly easy to memorize after a few repeats. The yarn, Crystal Palace Kid Merino, is pretty, but tempermental and sticky, as mohair can be. Undoing mistakes was annoying. This particluar colorway of purple and green looks nice with my denim jacket. In the end, I’m happy enough with it, but as you maybe can see in my very bad photo, it is a bit floppy, lacking in structure. Next time, a sturdier yarn might be a better choice.

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The Internet is a Weird and Wonderful Place

With only 4 hours of sleep last night, I can’t come up with anything on my own, so I’m completely stealing this link from Heather, who writes:

Photographer William Hundley gets people to jump underneath sheets and fabrics and catches them in mid-air, completely hidden behind the fabric. Eerily beautiful.

Enjoy and sleep tight.

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A Yarn Addict – The Early Days

On Father’s Day, my dad visited. A week or so before I’d asked him if I could look through a few of his old photo albums. I was looking for one or two pictures of my mother.

Since Dad never does anything in a small way, he not only brought the albums I’d asked about, he brought EVERY photo album he owns. All packed nicely in a gigantic green rubbermaid tub, held together with two bungee cords to keep the top from popping off.

It’s been amazing sorting through all these old pictures. Each one brings me back to a time or place I’d almost forgotten. A simple snapshot suddenly makes vivid the people, places, sounds, and even scents, that up until that moment were gone from my mind completely.

Knitters, I know you will appreciate this one. It is circa 1970. I’m proudly modeling a very lovely pink and red Red Heart acrylic poncho, made by my very talented Babchie. Without her, I wouldn’t be the knitting obsessed woman I am today. She taught me how to cast-on, knit, purl, and cast-off, starting me off on a lifetime of knitting enjoyment.

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Did You Bring the Camera?

Va-ca-tion – A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation.

Some folks think of vacation and they think sightseeing, tour buses, non-stop activity. Jeff and I are very literal folks. We stick closer to the actual definition of the word.

As proof, I offer this photo. During a lazy stroll from my beach chair to the towel shack, I saw this colorful shrub and snapped a photo. Then I pointed the camera towards Jeff. He hid behind his pina colada. I didn’t argue. That was the end of the photography. For the rest of the trip we enjoyed the sunshine, the tropical drinks and the local cuisine so much that stopping to remove the lens cap seemed like too much work.

Maybe someday I’ll regret the lack of photographic evidence of this trip, but probably not. It was the perfect break. Like most people, I’m not very good at living in the moment. But really, it is amazing how quickly the everyday stresses of work and life faded away on this trip.

The stress didn’t disappear completely however. We did rush to an early dinner one night so we could be back to our room in time to watch the Red Sox on ESPN Deportes (completely in Spanish). Thankfully, they won. Posted by Picasa

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