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Friday Night at Slater Mill

Just returned from the first of three events at Slater Mill’s Knitting Weekend, and had to do a quick entry to say what a knitter’s dream it has been so far. Last night was the book signing and Q&A with Annie Modesitt and Nora Gaughan.

Apologies for the dark photo of the mill, but I was sitting in my car, having arrived early, and took the photo without a flash. Thinking about it now, the flash probably would have not helped out at all. And during the evening I learned that the mill just might be haunted, so this spooky photo may be perfect after all.

Back to the book signing / reception / Q&A session. If you EVER have the opportunity to meet one or both of these lovely ladies in person, DO IT. Annie and Nora are so funny. What a joy to listen to how they both came to be shining stars of the knitting world, to hear them laugh and poke fun at each other with such friendly ease. And what a thrill to learn a tip or two or three from Annie.

Thanks to Ruth, Janice and Chandler for pulling it all together. Fantastic job! The Slater Mill Community Guild room is stunning, with it’s beautiful wood floors (on which Samuel Slater did not stand, but stunning nonetheless), the dark beams, and the lovely old windows looking out onto the roaring Blackstone River.

In addition to Annie and Nora, I met Suzanne, who is starting her own knitting / fiber therapy group in Johnston, RI. I also met Guido of It’s a Purl, Man. Be sure to check out his guild in Boston, Common Cod Fiber Guild, which on November 14 will be host to Susan Gibbs of Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm, the world’s first yarn CSA.

[Sidenote – taken from Guido’s blog- Susan Gibbs of Martha’s Vineyard fiber farm is in need of your clicks. Amazingly, she is in the lead for a technology grant from Intel which is based on votes. You don’t have to register, all you have to do is click on the “I like it” button at this site.]

It is with great great expectation that I prepare for the the rest of the weekend. Saturday morning I’ll be learning Combination Knitting, and Sunday morning Lace Knitting. Both with Annie.

And I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for ghosts.

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