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Bristol County Dyeworks Now Open on Etsy

IMG_1911 I am pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Bristol County Dyeworks!

A little shop offering unique hand-dyed yarns.  Stop by and visit the Etsy store at www.bcdyeworks.etsy.com.

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Slater Mill Exhibit

Community Guild Studios Student and Teacher ExhibitThe Community Guild Studios of Slater Mill is presenting its first Student and Teacher Exhibit, now through June 26. I am so excited to have my hand-dyed yarn on display!

It really is an inspiration to have this fantastic fiber arts resource just around the corner.

From the Slater Mill website..”celebrate the work of our students and teachers and success of the Guild Studios in it’s first year!” The Slater Mill gallery is located at 175 Main Street, Pawtucket, across from Slater Mill.

The works on display include quilts, knitwear, dyed silk, chair caning and baskets. Stop by and be inspired.

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Just Not Meant for Each Other

I love color. I love lace. The two together are even better. Right? Wrong.

Prompted by my good friend Kim, who is attempting lace for the first or nearly first time, and my need to take a break from the recent abundance of sock knitting, I cast on for the Swallowtail Shawl.

As with most lace projects, it’s a bit of yarn blob right now.

Swallowtail Shawl Blob

Swallowtail Shawl Blob

The yarn is a laceweight 80% alpaca / 20% silk, hand dyed by Gail the Kangaroo Dyer.

The yarn is lovely – soft and silky, just yummy. The colors are dazzling. The problem, I think, is that the lovely yarn is competing too much with the lovely pattern.  Apart – beautiful. Together – kind of ugly Betty. Maybe the answer is (gasp!) ripping and restarting with a solid color yarn.

A quick trip to the stash uncovered these. Pretty solid color lace yarn

Pretty solid color lace yarn

They are all from KnitPicks, from left to right, Alpaca Cloud (100% Baby Alpaca) in Moss and Iris, and Shadow (100% Merino) in Sunset.

Oh decisions! I’m off to rip.

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Home Knitting

Perhaps the only thing better than Airport Knitting is knitting at home, while snowbound.  All the flights from Boston to Las Vegas are canceled, my trip is a bust. I’m making the best of it by enjoying some peaceful time on the sofa in between trips outside with a shovel to clear the end of the driveway.


This is the same Welted Rib pattern, this time with another skein of hand-dyed. The colors of purple, fuschia and lime green make me smile, especially when the sky outside is all gray and white and dull.

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Airport Knitting

Lately my work life has been travel-filled, which is always good news for a knitter. Last week, while flying from Boston to San Francisco and back I finished these.

Welted Rib Socks

Welted Rib Socks

Get all the details on Ravelry. They are knit from my own hand-painted yarn, which I posted about here.

Flying 6,000 miles in 4 days is always more bearable when I have a pair of pretty socks on the needles. And in addition to relieving the boredom, knitting has a wonderful way of bringing people together.

On the way home from San Francisco I had a very long wait at the airport so I splurged on one-day pass to the United Airlines “Red Carpet Club”. The staff couldn’t have been nicer. And they had snacks, coffee, tea, soda, and very comfy chairs!

One very sweet employee noticed me and perched herself on the arm of the chair next to me to chat about knitting. Then about 20 minutes later, another traveler stopped by and asked if I’d mind explaining how I was knitting in the round. We had a little knit group right there in Terminal 3!

Tomorrow morning I fly out again, this time to Las Vegas. I am a little worried about the 12 inches of snow (!!) forecast for Boston later tonight. I am hopeful that the good folks at Logan will keep the airport open and won’t keep me waiting around all day for my flight to depart, but just in case I will have a new sock project packed in the carry-on.

And if you see me knitting away, please say hello.

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Welted Rib Socks and It is Still Winter

On Monday night, before my newest skein of hand-dyed yarn was fully dry, I was winding it into a ball and casting on for a new pair of socks. It’s been a while since I’ve knit a pair for me. And here in New England, with the last two days of swirling snow flakes, whipping winds and temps in the 30s, I am  reminded just why a girl needs MANY pairs of nice warm socks.

The pattern is my own creation – a simple welted rib design. If the sizing works out right, I will share. Stay tuned. And stay warm.

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What is that Camel Driver Looking At?

You know times are stressful when you are reading the latest entries to Found Cameras and Orphan Pictures, and you think, Hey, these photos are calling out for some silly captions. It was the photo of the lady on the camel that got me thinking this.

So readers (all two of you), I invite you to leave me a comment with your best funny photo captions. I may just send the funniest a skein of yarn, hand dyed by me.

Please entertain me. I need a laugh. Thanks.

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