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Guilty Pleasures

Because last week was so very busy, when this weekend arrived and I had nothing on my schedule, I was a bit out of sorts, feeling like there was probably something very important that I needed to do, and feeling like a little kid on the first day of school vacation when I realized the day was all my own and I could do anything I wanted.

So first thing Saturday morning I went to the gym. Best to get this done and over so I could get on with the really fun things.

On the drive to the gym, my odometer clicked over to 100,000 miles! Woo hoo!! This is the second car that I’ve purchased new and the second car I’ve driven to this milestone. I truly hate buying cars, so fingers crossed that my little car will last many, many, more miles. To celebrate, when I got home I dragged out the vacuum and the Windex, and got her all spiffed up. A cleaning once every 100,000 miles is about all I can manage!

So that’s two chores crossed off my list. On to the fun part.

With nothing else on the agenda, I knit. I pulled the patio furniture into a patch of sun in the backyard, popped in my iPod, and knit happily in the October sunshine for hours.

And this was the result, two knitted hats for my local knitting group’s holiday charity project. The pattern is very simple.

One size fits all.

Needles: US 7 circular 16” and set of US 7 double pointed needles; Tapestry needle.
Gauge: 20 stitches = 4” in pattern.

Getting Started:
Cast on 96 stitches. Join into round being careful not to twist stitches. Work K2, P2 rib until piece measure 6.5” or desired length. (I made mine 7″ and would probably do a bit longer next time.)

Decreasing for the Top:
Decrease round 1: *k2tog, p2tog; repeat from*. Now have 48 stitches.
Work K1, P1 rib for 3 rounds.

Next Decrease round: *K2tog; repeat around. You now have 24 stitches.
Next Decrease round: *K2tog; repeat around You now have 12 stitches.

Finishing: Break yarn, leaving 12” tail. Thread tail into tapestry needle and draw through remaining stitches. Pull up snug and fasten off on the inside. Weave in end.

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