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Welcome to the Sports Bar

It happened so slowly that I never really noticed.

When we bought this little house almost 9 years ago I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would decorate it. I’ll admit, I’m no expert at interior design, but one room that truly excited me was our ‘sun room’ or ‘family room’.

After nine years, we still haven’t decided what to officially call this room. It is an addition that is comprised of four walls with windows and two skylights, located off the kitchen. It’s not a large room, but it is sunny and bright. It was, and still is, my favorite room in the house. I love the sunshine yellow walls, the simple peach colored tile floor and the warm happy feeling I get when I’m sitting there.

When we first moved in, I found some simple, sweet, inexpensive prints that I thought best highlighted the “sunshine/garden” feeling of the room.

And, because I am such a tea drinker, I thought it would be nice room in which to showcase my little collection of pretty teapots.

All was well in my little sunny room. Then slowly, very slowly, things began to change.

First there was this..
A gift from my truly wonderful brother-in-law. He knows how much we enjoyed the 2004 Red Sox World Series win and wanted to help us commerate that historical, wonderful, super-fantastic, event. I love this photograph.

And then this…
Oh, the teapots are still there, but they’ve been overshadowed by the gang of collectibles, figurines and stuffed animals that now watch every game with us. You can’t really see them all in this photo, but trust me, the Pats and the Sox are well represented.

It’s not just baseball and football. A few months ago, at the end the Sox season, Jeff and I were enjoying our last game at Fenway. We happened upon an auction to support the Ted Williams Foundation and before I could sing one chorus of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Jeff had bid on and won this photo of the best basketball player ever…
Other (non-photographed) sports related items have become part of this room too. The Red Sox pillow from ny nephew, the photograph of the Patriots “Snow Bowl” game that hangs over the doorway.

It goes on and on.

Finally today, when I arrived home from work, I saw that my little garden ‘welcome’ sign was no longer in its place.

It had been replaced by this…
It was then that I realized my sunny garden room had somehow become a sports bar, minus the bar.

Then I remembered that just the other day Jeff mentioned how he almost bought the Kegarator he had seen at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I love my little sports room, but I’ll admit it – now I’m getting scared.

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