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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Debbie Bliss saga continues. Both fronts are done, and are now the same size, but again as I was ready to sew up the seams, I realized they were both longer than the back. SO, I will be adding a few more rows and HOPEFULLY be ready to end this adventure and assemble this cardigan by next week. Sheesh.

Despite my obvious inability to complete a wearable knitted garment other than socks or a scarf, I remain the eternal knitting optimist. Yesterday, I visited both of Yarns at Lace Wings stores in Rhode Island, with a quick stop at Borders to peruse more pattern books and pick up my copy of Fever Pitch. (Can’t forget about the baseball!)

Among my purchases were the Classic Elite Tweed Three booklet , and Jean Frost Jackets. My goal is to make something “professional” enough to wear to the office.

I fell in love with this Classic Elite fitted jacket, but I’m having a difficult time deciding on the right color. Most likely something neutral, but I’m also thinking maybe blue or possibly even pink. I think I could use Black Water Abbey yarns, but I’m not positive. Any suggestions?

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