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On the Green Monster

It has been far too long since I’ve blogged here, but my excuse is that I’ve been busy blogging over at Bristol County Dyeworks. Running an Etsy shop is a lot of work! It is fun and exciting, most definitely, but I will admit it has been taking a lot of time and energy. Sales so far have been (ahem) a bit slow, but it’s all good. I’m learning and that is good. And we do have some customers already, so that is wonderful. I love, love, love that other knitters can enjoy our yarn. Yay!

So when I’m not busy listing new products or experimenting with new colors, I have found some time to partake of my other favorite obsession, the Red Sox!

Last Sunday the sun finally arrived here in the Boston area, just in time for the biggest game of the year. Biggest that is for me and Jeff. We had tix on the GREEN MONSTER, FRONT ROW even. Oh be still my heart, it was so exciting. Some people go to Europe for the summer. We go to Fenway. It’s all good.

Because I’m a geek and took a bunch of photos, I share the following pix with my fellow Sox obsessed knitters. I know you are out there, I’ve seen you on Ravelry!

The funniest picture is the last one. Even Wally is on Twitter now.

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A Perfect Weekend

Friday Night at PPAC to see Spring Awakening. A bit shocking, a bit dark, with spectactular music and energy and a story I can’t let go of.

Saturday at Gore Farm Up early, on a lovely Saturday morning. Wearing shorts, a t-shirts and a PawSox cap. Tote bag in hand – off to explore my very first Sheep Festival. Watched the sheep hearding demonstration. Incredible display of instinct and skill. Walked through the vendors area, more jewelry than fiber, unfortunately. But did see a few notable stalls

Alpacas of Springbrook Farms – softest lace weight. Yum

Yarn4socks.com – some hand-dyed and some shiboui yarns

West Elm Farms – iceland wool and rovings, goats milk and lanolin soaps

Traveling Rhinos – hand dyed and hand spun yarns

Ate lunch at the Boy Scouts tent. A giant cheeseburger with mustard and ketchup, and a soda. All for $4. Delicious and cheap. Who wouldn’t love that?

Wrapping up the day, a stroll to hear the music in the performance tent. A lace demonstration in the mansion. Home to enjoy the sunshine on the patio, knit a bit on the Honeycomb vest, wander through the garden to do a bit of clean up, some time with Stephen King in my head (don’t you just love audio books?!) , a short little nap, delicious dinner, Sox vs Yanks on DVR, and off to bed.

Today will be more knitting, walking through the woods with Max, enjoying the sunshine and our first trip to Fenway this year. Altogether a very lovely weekend.

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Welcome to the Sports Bar

It happened so slowly that I never really noticed.

When we bought this little house almost 9 years ago I spent a lot of time thinking about how I would decorate it. I’ll admit, I’m no expert at interior design, but one room that truly excited me was our ‘sun room’ or ‘family room’.

After nine years, we still haven’t decided what to officially call this room. It is an addition that is comprised of four walls with windows and two skylights, located off the kitchen. It’s not a large room, but it is sunny and bright. It was, and still is, my favorite room in the house. I love the sunshine yellow walls, the simple peach colored tile floor and the warm happy feeling I get when I’m sitting there.

When we first moved in, I found some simple, sweet, inexpensive prints that I thought best highlighted the “sunshine/garden” feeling of the room.

And, because I am such a tea drinker, I thought it would be nice room in which to showcase my little collection of pretty teapots.

All was well in my little sunny room. Then slowly, very slowly, things began to change.

First there was this..
A gift from my truly wonderful brother-in-law. He knows how much we enjoyed the 2004 Red Sox World Series win and wanted to help us commerate that historical, wonderful, super-fantastic, event. I love this photograph.

And then this…
Oh, the teapots are still there, but they’ve been overshadowed by the gang of collectibles, figurines and stuffed animals that now watch every game with us. You can’t really see them all in this photo, but trust me, the Pats and the Sox are well represented.

It’s not just baseball and football. A few months ago, at the end the Sox season, Jeff and I were enjoying our last game at Fenway. We happened upon an auction to support the Ted Williams Foundation and before I could sing one chorus of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, Jeff had bid on and won this photo of the best basketball player ever…
Other (non-photographed) sports related items have become part of this room too. The Red Sox pillow from ny nephew, the photograph of the Patriots “Snow Bowl” game that hangs over the doorway.

It goes on and on.

Finally today, when I arrived home from work, I saw that my little garden ‘welcome’ sign was no longer in its place.

It had been replaced by this…
It was then that I realized my sunny garden room had somehow become a sports bar, minus the bar.

Then I remembered that just the other day Jeff mentioned how he almost bought the Kegarator he had seen at Bed Bath and Beyond.

I love my little sports room, but I’ll admit it – now I’m getting scared.

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Sixth Folder Photo Meme – Oh What a Game!

Don’t you just love a good meme? Perfect for the Monday after a LOOOOONNNG weekend when you are beaten to a pulp by the unanswered emails in the office InBox?

How to:
–Go to your sixth picture folder and pick the sixth picture
–Pray you remember the details
–Tag five others

Ha! I wasn’t sure what this picture was as I uploaded it, having the thumbnail feature turned off I only saw the picture name. “soxsmile.jpg”. Remember the details I do!

This wonderfully joyous photo is not one I can take credit for. I believe I copied it from Boston.com and sent it to some friends at work via email, as we all shared in celebration of the Red Sox fantastic, improbable, most tremendous comeback in the ALCS 2004 series against the Yankees. I distinctly remember one co-worker responding with the message, “that guy looks like he ate a bad sausage”.

I really hate tagging, so I’m not following that rule, but if you do want to play, leave a comment, ok?

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Sunday Gratitude Links

Oprah recommends keeping a gratitude journal. Here’s a quick list of what I’m grateful for today.

  1. Meeting my lovely in-law’s for breakfast at IHOP
  2. Realizing that IHOP now serves Nutella Crepes
  3. Entering the Nutella sweepstakes. Fingers crossed!
  4. Attending the 2nd annual Spin/Weave/Knit/Quilt Celebration at Slater Mill
  5. Registering for not one, but two classes with the amazing Ms. Annie Modesitt
  6. Sipping tea, while listening to Cast-On, my favorite podcast
  7. Finishing a few more rows of my version of Smile (Ravelry link)
  8. Wearing my gear and preparing to watch the game

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Never Look Back

Two things made last night’s disappointment bearable. Continuing progress on Kepler, and the rain-dampened, but beautiful tickets that arrived in yesterday’s mail.

After knitting three of the four cable bands for Kepler on size 9 needles, I finally admitted that the gauge just wasn’t right, and started the fourth on size 8s. It’s looking much crisper. A big improvement. I’ll need to re-do the previous week and half worth of cabling, and the plain sleeves and body will knit up at a tighter gauge now, which means some adjustments (and the dreaded math), but I’m feeling confident.

And as for baseball…only a few weeks ’til Spring Training begins. I can almost feel the warm sun on my face and hear the first joyful notes of Sweet Caroline floating through the air. Ahhh… Posted by Picasa

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I Love This Game

That was one quick, quick post-season, blink and you missed it. Ah well, as much as I wanted to relive the thrill, anxiety and joy of last season, I knew in my heart it was not meant to be.

Readers who find this blog by clicking “Red Sox” in my blogger profile will be disappointed by the lack of baseball content here. You won’t find a play-by-play recap after each game, telling you who hit a towering blast over the green monster, who made a tremendous spiderman-like grab in right field, or who was throwing a blazing fastball and making the opponents look silly. I leave that to the many superb baseball bloggers out there.

I may not give you game details, but I can tell you why I love it. It slows me down. It takes my mind off of the never-ending stress, demands, and deadlines that fill up my days. It moves slowly. I can knit a sock, talk to my husband, and watch a game all at the same time. It’s like an old friend. Beginning in early spring as the equipment trucks roll out of Fenway through the slushy streets of Boston headed south for City of Palms Park – all the way to the start of October, as the leaves are showing the first signs of gold and red, I can look forward to listening to the antics (and brilliance) of Jerry and Don, watching the heroics of Papi and ‘Tek, admiring the understated, exceptional athleticism of Bill Mueller, and just rooting along for my team.

Last year was tremendous, unbelieveable, majestic. But this year was a joy too, despite the way it ended. I can’t wait for it to start again. (Only 130 days til pitchers and catchers report.) In the meantime, let’s go Angels.

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