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That’s It, I’m Sending My Resume

A few months back, Berroco was searching for a new knitwear designer. By all indications, the search continues.

What in the world are they all smokin’ out there in Uxbridge??? Seriously, what is wrong with this company? The yarn is nice enough, and a search of the free patterns section on their website shows that not everything they create is god awful fugly. So why do they insist on featuring all these horrid designs in their monthly newsletter?

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Back from the Ivy League

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but work has been keeping me much too busy. Since Sunday I’ve been feeling a bit out of my element, as I attended a conference at one of the country’s most renowned institutions of higher learning.

Initially, I was very interested as I arrived and admired the incredible architecture in the university building that is home to the conference. That soon changed as I sat inside a dim lecture hall listening to many very smart people for three straight days, explaining every detail of their very important, but mostly dull powerpoint slides. (I hate you powerpoint.) And to make the whole thing even worse, I could not knit. Apparently some people think knitting in this setting would be “unprofessional.” Hmmphh.

But I could knit on the train. So each day began and ended with work on another Branching Out, this time using KnitPicks Andean Treasure in Lagoon. Oooooh, I just love this color! Here’s where I was on Saturday…

And here’s the progress as of today. Only about a half a skein to go.

And with this, my second Branching Out, I’ve completely memorized the pattern. Imagine what other amazing feats I could accomplish if I could only stay focused!

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Friday Harbor Socks Redux and Gifts!

Just call me determined. A few months ago, I started the Friday Harbor Socks from Knitting on the Road. Actually I started them, I ripped, I started again, and finally gave up in frustration. Last night, while watching the Red Sox, I picked up the book again and thought I’d give it another try. And whaddya know…I’ve made my way through the blasted cuff, with no problems at all. Maybe my brain just needed to stew over that lace chart for a while. Who knows, I’m just glad it’s all coming together so nicely.

And another very nice thing happened today…my super fantastic secret pal sent me this….
The book is perfect! How did she know I’d been eyeing it recently?? Funny, it’s a book about gifts, and it is the perfect gift. It has patterns and instructions for all kinds of neat, funky, sophisticated little items. I especially love the teeny, fuzzy mohair baby booties and the cashmere tea cozy. Little luxurious one of the kind gifts that will be so much fun to make. And how did she know that the numbers were wearing off my old boring measuring tape? This one is so sweet. Max likes it too! Thanks Secret Pal, you are the best.

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Take Your Pick

Most days the two hours I spend commuting by train is enjoyable. It gives me plenty of time to knit, or read, or just daydream. Today was an exception. The man sitting next to me this evening seemed nice enough at first glance. I mean he was wearing a plaid shirt and dockers, and reading a really great book, so really, he must be normal. Right? Wrong.

He was, as we say in this family, a picker. I won’t give you all the graphic details, but let’s just say he began with his ears and then moved onto his nose. Oh, and in addition to the picking…there was flicking. Thank goodness I got off the train before he could delve into any other, er, openings. And in between the picking – because it is just so exhausting – he napped. And rested his head ever so gently on my shoulder. Grrrr.

Thankfully, this will take my mind off the disgusting, stomach turning ride home. Some of it is from my favorite nearly-instant-gratification-yarn-store, and some is from the yarn-store-within-walking-distance-of-my-office. Some is for me, and some is for my secret pal. I just haven’t “picked” who’s getting what.

Sorry. Really, I’m so sorry.

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Rock On

Over the past few years, more and more singers, actors, and other entertainers have felt it their duty to broadcast their personal and political beliefs for all the world to hear. And while they are completely free to do so, sometimes, I just don’t want to hear it. I want to hear music or watch a movie or see a play. I just want to be entertained.

I don’t need Tom Cruise preaching to me about the evils of anti-depressants. I don’t need Sean Penn or Susan Sarandon telling me how to vote. And though I’ve been a fan forever, I don’t need to see Bono on the nightly news, meeting with Condaleeza Rice or traveling the world with Paul O’Neil. Or hear rumors that he is being considered to head the World Bank.

So for the past few months, Bono and I were on the outs. While visiting my brother-in-law recently, I mentioned my annoyance. I said something like, “I’ve had just about enough of Bono and his politics. Enough already!” I believe my poor brother-in-law winced. He tried to tell me that U2 had always been fairly political, as far as bands go, and that Bono always promoted good works, but I didn’t want to hear it. I’d had enough.

That is until this weekend. I was doing my usual Saturday morning chores and decided that some music might help to make scrubbing the toilet a bit more tolerable. For some reason I put U2’s Rattle and Hum in the CD player. During the middle of “Silver and Gold”, as I was sweeping up the dog hair and sand that are constants in my house, I heard it as he spoke about the evils of apartheid…“Am I buggin’ you? I didn’t mean to bug ya..”

And that was enough. I stopped sweeping, leaned on my broom, and it hit me. Bono had told me way back in 1988, almost 20 years earlier, that though he didn’t mean to, he might just bug me someday. He’d been honest since the beginning, but I’d ignored him and forgotten his warning. (Isn’t that the way most relationships go?)

So Bono, please forgive me. I’m back. I admire you for all that you are – political activist, advocate for the poor, musician, singer, songwriter and amazing showman. (And, yeah, you still look pretty good in those black leather pants and dark sunglasses.) Rock on.

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Chevron Socks Done

Yarn: Opal Rodeo, 1151
Needles: US Size 2, two circulars
Pattern: Chevron Sock Pattern From Sock it To Me
Started: June 30
Completed: August 1
Comments: For the Sockapal-2-Za swap. Oh I hope she likes them!


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Set To Go Wild in Zambia

Feeling completely uninspired and with nothing interesting to post, I visited Googlism and did a “who” search on me! Here are the top 10 results.

  1. lisa is adyktive
  2. lisa is on
  3. lisa is framed
  4. lisa is back
  5. lisa is a 76 year old lady who lives alone in
  6. lisa is eastenders culprit
  7. lisa is forever smiling
  8. lisa is a ny yankees fan
  9. lisa is a race car driver
  10. lisa is set to go wild in zambia

Rest assured I will be known as the “Wild Woman of Zambia” LOOOONG before #8 ever happens. Also, #5 has me a little concerned.

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