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Back to the Future

IMG_2467 The thing about “Futures at Fenway” is that you are looking forward and back¬† all at the same time.

Looking forward, you get to watch two games, featuring some of the future Red Sox stars – guys who are currently playing for Portland Sea Dogs and the Pawtucket Red Sox, the team’s minor league affiliates. Hopefully, some day soon, we’ll be seeing a few of these guys playing in the bigs. (If one or two of them can pitch¬† middle relief, even better – but that’s a story for another day.)

And looking back? Well, you get to feel like a kid again, as the photo here shows so nicely.

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On the Green Monster

It has been far too long since I’ve blogged here, but my excuse is that I’ve been busy blogging over at Bristol County Dyeworks. Running an Etsy shop is a lot of work! It is fun and exciting, most definitely, but I will admit it has been taking a lot of time and energy. Sales so far have been (ahem) a bit slow, but it’s all good. I’m learning and that is good. And we do have some customers already, so that is wonderful. I love, love, love that other knitters can enjoy our yarn. Yay!

So when I’m not busy listing new products or experimenting with new colors, I have found some time to partake of my other favorite obsession, the Red Sox!

Last Sunday the sun finally arrived here in the Boston area, just in time for the biggest game of the year. Biggest that is for me and Jeff. We had tix on the GREEN MONSTER, FRONT ROW even. Oh be still my heart, it was so exciting. Some people go to Europe for the summer. We go to Fenway. It’s all good.

Because I’m a geek and took a bunch of photos, I share the following pix with my fellow Sox obsessed knitters. I know you are out there, I’ve seen you on Ravelry!

The funniest picture is the last one. Even Wally is on Twitter now.

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What’s New in KnitSox Land

Still no word from the Nutella people, but nonetheless things are happening here in Knitsox land.

I’ve joined a knitting group at the local library. I’m not usually a “joiner”, I usually do okay entertaining myself with the ramblings in my own head, but, I have to say this group is fun. We are about 20-30 women of varying ages and of varying knit/crochet ability. We’ve had two meetings so far and it’s been fun to see what everyone is creating and to learn about why they joined. We’ve chosen a local charity, and will be knitting / crocheting scarves, hats and mittens to keep our community warm this coming winter. With the rising cost of fuel and the scary economy, I’m thinking these handmade donations will be much appreciated.

I’ve become a member of the Slater Mill Community Guild Studios and will be taking some combination knitting and lace knitting classes with the one and only Ms. Annie Modesitt next month. Oh joy I am so excited!!! And who knew that Slater Mill, just a few miles from my little house, is widely recognized as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution? Very cool indeed.

Of course the Red Sox are keeping me entertained. Jeff surprised me with SRO tix to Monday night’s game versus the Los Angeles team with the too long ridiculous name. Here you can see a little picture of us, taken by the nice FanFoto man.

Notice that I am wearing a handknit scarf and holding my favorite hand knit (Noro) hat (hence the messy hat head) ! I am also wearing two pairs of handknit socks, not visible in this photo. Way to be toasty warm at Fenway in October!

SRO (Standing Room Only) tickets are a great inexpensive (a relative term in the language of Fenway) way to see the Red Sox play. We arrived just before the gates opened at 6:30 PM, climbed the ramp to the upper deck, staked out the best spot on the railing, and then stood and leaned for the next 5 hours, holding our collective breath as the boys pulled out a super exciting victory. We cheered and yelled and high-fived all the other SRO fans around us, including the very nice Romanian man standing beside me. Yes, I said Romania!!! Red Sox nation extends far and wide my friends!

So that’s what’s new in Knitsox land. Tell me, what’s new with you?

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Sorry Dude, You’re Still a Rookie

Paps is on Letterman tonight, along with David Spade and Penn & Teller.
Manny is on Leno Friday, with the Backstreet Boys.
Big Papi is on Conan Friday, with Jerry Seinfeld.
Dustin was signing autograph’s at Modell’s in Medford today at 3 PM.

Personally, I think Dustin and Backstreet Boys should have done a switch-a-roo.

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America’s Most Beloved Ballpark

The pre-game activity at Fenway is always a joy to watch, seeing the players running and stretching in the outfield, the grounds crew hauling equipment into the storage areas, the fans manuevering to their seats. It is one of my favorite parts of the game. And last night, Game 1 of the 2007 ALCS, did not disappoint.

Do you think the man who said Fenway should be imploded would feel differently if he had seen this in person?

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"Fenway should be imploded"

That’s according to a man I met last week in San Jose, CA. I was at an industry convention and he stopped by my company’s exhibit. We talked a bit about the type of work we both do and then he noticed that I was from Massachusetts and asked if I was a Red Sox fan.

I smiled and said yes and he suddenly turned from a friendly colleague to an angry sports fan. “They should tear that place down and start from scratch! The bathrooms! The concessions! That place is a pit! It is so uncomfortable!” I just laughed and told him baseball isn’t about being comfortable. I’m sure any good Red Sox fan would agree with me.

He is right about Fenway lacking in comfort. Anyone who has spent nine innings sitting just past Pesky’s pole with your neck twisted to the left and your knees jammed into the back of seat in front of you knows the physical pain of Fenway.

But the pain is a small price to pay for the majestic beauty of the place. Those same tortorous seats also have the most fantastic views. If you get to the game early enough you can see Tek striding out to the bullpen to prepare his pitchers. You can see Dice-K throwing long tosses to the trainer, getting ready for battle. You can be mesmerized by the brilliant green field and the red, white, and blue of the American flag snapping in the breeze above.

In the past few years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have enjoyed a seat in almost every section at the park, from the $12 bleacher seats in row 37 under the scoreboard in centerfield to the la-dee-da much much too expensive front row seats in the EMC club, complete with a waiter and my own personal television screen. I’ve been comfortable and I’ve been uncomfortable. I’ve eaten gourmet meals and Fenway franks.
And I’ve enjoyed each and every game.
The man in San Jose is not the first person to tell me that Fenway should be destroyed. And I’m sure he won’t be the last. All I know is that it is one of my favorite places on earth and I’m thrilled to have experienced the beauty and uncomfortableness of it so many times.

Go Sox!

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Victory Garden

Is it my imagination or are the Red Sox growing tomato plants in the bull pen?

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I Love This Game

That was one quick, quick post-season, blink and you missed it. Ah well, as much as I wanted to relive the thrill, anxiety and joy of last season, I knew in my heart it was not meant to be.

Readers who find this blog by clicking “Red Sox” in my blogger profile will be disappointed by the lack of baseball content here. You won’t find a play-by-play recap after each game, telling you who hit a towering blast over the green monster, who made a tremendous spiderman-like grab in right field, or who was throwing a blazing fastball and making the opponents look silly. I leave that to the many superb baseball bloggers out there.

I may not give you game details, but I can tell you why I love it. It slows me down. It takes my mind off of the never-ending stress, demands, and deadlines that fill up my days. It moves slowly. I can knit a sock, talk to my husband, and watch a game all at the same time. It’s like an old friend. Beginning in early spring as the equipment trucks roll out of Fenway through the slushy streets of Boston headed south for City of Palms Park – all the way to the start of October, as the leaves are showing the first signs of gold and red, I can look forward to listening to the antics (and brilliance) of Jerry and Don, watching the heroics of Papi and ‘Tek, admiring the understated, exceptional athleticism of Bill Mueller, and just rooting along for my team.

Last year was tremendous, unbelieveable, majestic. But this year was a joy too, despite the way it ended. I can’t wait for it to start again. (Only 130 days til pitchers and catchers report.) In the meantime, let’s go Angels.

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