Dreaming of Colors

You know when you get a thought in your brain and it just won’t go away? I’ve been dreaming about hand-dyed yarn for months.  I’m blaming it on my purchase of two skeins of Socks that Rock, in “Lettuce Knit” and “Eggplanted” colorways.

Soon after buying it, I attempted to create my own skein of yarn, using the Lettuce Knit skein as a color guide. My intent was not to be a copy-cat, but rather, to get a feel for how Tina at Blue Moon Fiber Arts achieves those absolutely gorgeous transitions between each color.

It was the most fun I’ve had dyeing to date. It took much longer than any other session, but gave me a true appreciation for the time and thought that the best hand-dyers must give to their craft. From the selection of the colors, through the mixing of the dyes, the painting of the yarn and the steaming and final rinse…Wow, what a lot to consider.

Also in my dream, I have a lovely sunny studio where I can experiment with color and yarn. The walls are covered with shelves of my beautiful creations, there are books and needles all around, and comfy overstuffed chairs in cozy spots, just perfect for when I need a break and a cup of tea.

It looks a little like this.

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