What’s New in KnitSox Land

Still no word from the Nutella people, but nonetheless things are happening here in Knitsox land.

I’ve joined a knitting group at the local library. I’m not usually a “joiner”, I usually do okay entertaining myself with the ramblings in my own head, but, I have to say this group is fun. We are about 20-30 women of varying ages and of varying knit/crochet ability. We’ve had two meetings so far and it’s been fun to see what everyone is creating and to learn about why they joined. We’ve chosen a local charity, and will be knitting / crocheting scarves, hats and mittens to keep our community warm this coming winter. With the rising cost of fuel and the scary economy, I’m thinking these handmade donations will be much appreciated.

I’ve become a member of the Slater Mill Community Guild Studios and will be taking some combination knitting and lace knitting classes with the one and only Ms. Annie Modesitt next month. Oh joy I am so excited!!! And who knew that Slater Mill, just a few miles from my little house, is widely recognized as the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution? Very cool indeed.

Of course the Red Sox are keeping me entertained. Jeff surprised me with SRO tix to Monday night’s game versus the Los Angeles team with the too long ridiculous name. Here you can see a little picture of us, taken by the nice FanFoto man.

Notice that I am wearing a handknit scarf and holding my favorite hand knit (Noro) hat (hence the messy hat head) ! I am also wearing two pairs of handknit socks, not visible in this photo. Way to be toasty warm at Fenway in October!

SRO (Standing Room Only) tickets are a great inexpensive (a relative term in the language of Fenway) way to see the Red Sox play. We arrived just before the gates opened at 6:30 PM, climbed the ramp to the upper deck, staked out the best spot on the railing, and then stood and leaned for the next 5 hours, holding our collective breath as the boys pulled out a super exciting victory. We cheered and yelled and high-fived all the other SRO fans around us, including the very nice Romanian man standing beside me. Yes, I said Romania!!! Red Sox nation extends far and wide my friends!

So that’s what’s new in Knitsox land. Tell me, what’s new with you?


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