Gossamer Stars Scarf

Its complete except for the blocking. Such a fun pattern, just the kind I like – complex enough to keep my entertained, simple enough to knit while watching baseball. While I’m very happy with the finished scarf, I think I would have liked it more in a solid yarn, but I’ll hold off on final thoughts until it’s done blocking and I can actually wear it.

You can learn more about the pattern and the project by finding me on Ravelry.

And speaking of Ravelry, I’ve already queued up my next project – Print O’ The Wave Stole by the lovely Eunny Jang. I really am enjoying knitting lace, and for this next project, I’ll finally use the very pretty Malabrigio Lace Weight I received as a gift last Christmas.

Now I’m off to get ready for a typical American Memorial Day weekend, first a cook-out with some friends, then a baseball game. Through it all, a heartfelt Thank You to all the brave men and woman we honor today. God Bless America.


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