Random Goodness

It seems that months always pass between posts here, and I really have no explanation for that. Instead of boring you and me with the “why I haven’t posted in so long” post, I will just jump right in and act as though I’ve been posting all along. Here is some random goodness to get things started.

Jeff and I and some good friends attempted to wait out a rain delay last night at Fenway Park. We first stood in puddles beneath the bleachers, sipping beer and eating a ballpark dinner of sausage, hot dogs and pretzels. When our feet got too wet we found refuge in a stairwell near the KidNation headquarters. For an hour and a half we stood in the dampness, talking, laughing and periodically checking the doppler radar on my blackberry. The game was finally postponed, but during the wait I had a sip or two of Smithwick’s Ale, (properly pronounced “Smiddicks”). It tasted surprisingly chocolatey. Yum!
On the knitting front, I’ve been making rapid progress on the Gossamer Stars Scarf from the IK Summer 2008 issue. Lace knitting makes me very happy. The picture here is taken pre-blocking and about 110 rows from completion. The yarn is a lovely silk hand-dyed of unknown brand. If I don’t take a nap this afternoon, I might just finish it.
But, since last night’s rain out is now scheduled for 8:35 tonight and I am such an old poop who has a hard time staying awake past ten o’clock, a nap seems a neccesity. Especially if I plan to have another Smiddicks!

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