Goofballs Unite

My copy arrived about a week or so ago, the Saturday before I left for San Jose. I planned to read it on the plane.

But, because I have absolutely zero self-control, I read it all in one sitting, the day before my trip. Which meant I had to buy another book for my trip. (Am I the only one out there who is seduced time and time again by the crisp new books at the Hudson News stores in local airports?)

The book was funny and sad, and more like a letter from a good friend than a self-help, knitting book, but we all knew it would be wonderful, right? I loved the part about texting the guy at the hardware store. Brilliant.

Here’s the part where world’s collide. I was having lunch with my boss, the president of the company. His wife, a former librarian, is working part-time at a book store. He was telling me how she’s really enjoying it, and I said something about how my perfect job would be working at either a book store or a yarn store. More specifically, I told him that either of those would be a perfect part-time job, after I retire, because, you know, right now I work for his company, and that is of course the absolute perfect job, how could it not be?? [Apologies for the excessive italics]

So he says, “Oh, you knit? Do you know the Yarn Harlot?” I just about fell out of my chair. Turns out his wife is also a knitter and she is a big fan. So instead of just saying yes and smiling politely, I start exclaiming, “Does she read Crazy Aunt Purl?? She is great, she just released her first book and I read it in one day, and it was really good…” That’s when his eyes glazed over and he changed the subject.

This is way I’ll never be a big important executive. I cannot contain my inner goofball.

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