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Slowly But Surely

Admit it, you’ve been thinking, where has Lisa gone? What could possibly be keeping her from her blog? Dear Readers, I have no excuse, other than the usual busy life filled with ridiculous demands at work, way too much laundry, unrelenting home repairs, and one crazy dog. Oh, yeah and Jeff and I have become completely addicted to wonderful world of DVR, which means we can watch Survivor, the Amazing Race, and the Apprentice whenever we want, with no commercials.

So I have been neglecting my knit-blog, but not my knitting. I’m happy to report that the Friday Harbor socks are finished. I started them in May, got frustrated, put them away, picked them up again in August, and they are done in October. Not bad huh? Almost six months (I know because I counted on my fingers) to do what others have knitted twice in a few short days.

The Country Living magazine was an impulse buy at the grocery checkout yesterday. “Our stress-free menu planner and entertaining guide” was the line that first hooked me. My sister talked me into hosting Thanksgiving this year, so I need all the help I can get.

Then, a quick flip through the table of contents revealed that on page 76 “master knitter Elanor Lynn teaches her craft as well as its meaning…” Needless to say, that magazine was in my basket.

Well, the knitting article was a big disappointment, (only one page!) and the Thanksgiving Planning includes advice on invitations. Huh? Invitations for Thanksgiving? Are they kidding? I’m lucky if I remember to buy the fancy napkins, never mind invitations. So much for stress-free! Posted by Picasa

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