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Welcome to the Post Season

For those wondering where I’ve disappeared to, LIFE has gotten in the way of blogging. I was in Toronto for a few days, collecting “market intelligence” at a medical conference. At least that’s what my boss told me I should be doing. I call it talking to very friendly Canadians in between watching typically horrendous powerpoint presentations. Sigh. Toronto is lovely, the people are fantastic, the street signs are super confusing, and the signs at the airport are way too small. It’s good to be home.

Last year at this time, I was knitting these. Red Socks. To knit and wear while watching the Red Sox mount a stunning, breathtaking campaign to become World Champions. (I just love saying that…World Champions…)

Part of being a Red Sox fan means believing that things you do directly affect the outcome of any one game. (See Perry Klass’ column in the latest issue of Knitter’s if you don’t believe me.) Given last year’s tremendous success coupled with my my almost non-stop sock knitting during the post-season, I have put away all other projects and started a new pair of Post Season Sox.

This year’s pair are working up fast, and this Meilenweit Mega Boots Stretch from Lana Grossa Yarns is absolutely gorgeous. I’m just nervous that after last night’s thwomping by the White Sox, it may be the wrong color choice for playoff knitting. Not enough red.

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