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You Are Kidding, Right?

The zoom on my camera isn’t all that good, so allow me to read the sign. “Tips Are Appreciated. Thank You.” Ha! Almost $40 to fill my 12 gallon tank, and you want a tip. Ha Ha Ha!

And what’s even funnier…look very closely and you’ll notice a lock on the tip box. Yes, you read correctly. A lock. Presumably to prevent some cash strapped driver – who can hardly afford a tank of gas, never mind a TIP – from stealing.

Thanks for the laugh Mister Gas Station Man.

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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Debbie Bliss saga continues. Both fronts are done, and are now the same size, but again as I was ready to sew up the seams, I realized they were both longer than the back. SO, I will be adding a few more rows and HOPEFULLY be ready to end this adventure and assemble this cardigan by next week. Sheesh.

Despite my obvious inability to complete a wearable knitted garment other than socks or a scarf, I remain the eternal knitting optimist. Yesterday, I visited both of Yarns at Lace Wings stores in Rhode Island, with a quick stop at Borders to peruse more pattern books and pick up my copy of Fever Pitch. (Can’t forget about the baseball!)

Among my purchases were the Classic Elite Tweed Three booklet , and Jean Frost Jackets. My goal is to make something “professional” enough to wear to the office.

I fell in love with this Classic Elite fitted jacket, but I’m having a difficult time deciding on the right color. Most likely something neutral, but I’m also thinking maybe blue or possibly even pink. I think I could use Black Water Abbey yarns, but I’m not positive. Any suggestions?

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I am a Proud Soccer Aunt

No knitting update today, I was much too busy with other things. Today my nephew played in his very first soccer game. Do you think he was excited? I arrived at his house an hour and half before game time to find him running down the street, already wearing his uniform, ready to go.

He was fantastic. Although for his age group there is no official score, you can bet his family was keeping count. Seven goals! There was much hootin’ and hollerin’ as he zipped and zoomed up and down the field. Great job kiddo!

And isn’t it wonderful to share your first game with your Dzia Dzia (pronounced “Ja Ja”, which is how we say grandfather in Polish).

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She’s One Crafty Doormouse!

I received my final gift from Erin, my Secret Pal, and this one is a doozy! More lovely yarn, this time Mountain Colors Weavers Wool Quarters in Clearwater colorway, plus a pattern, plus a wonderful set of Brittany needles. Oh sock pal you are just too generous. And I just loved your card. Thanks for making my summer trips to the mailbox so much fun.

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In Pursuit of Perfection

Fall is in the air. Can’t you just smell it? Max can.

Yesterday was a picture perfect day. Temps in the high 70s, bright sunshine, vivid blue sky. Suddenly, we’ve gone from summer to autumn, which means it is time to unearth the Debbie Bliss cardigan from the knitting basket. Yes, I know you are all sick to death of the progress updates on this sweater that will never end, but please believe that I am DETERMINED to finish this before October 1. Of this year. Hopefully.

I was almost done, but as I laid out all the finished pieces I noticed that the right front was a completely different shape than the left front. Apparently, I’d gone a little crazy with the decreases. Instead of just shaping the neck edge, I threw in a few extra (incorrect) decrease rows along the sleeve edge, making the whole thing more of a trapezoid than a rectangle. ARGH.

So rip, rip, rip, and I was off again trying to make the right match the left. After an hour or two of knitting, I noticed a mistake on the cable pattern. So I ripped out the 20 offending rows and began again. I’m almost there, but now I realize that there are at least 4 extra rows of ribbing on the right front as well. I can’t explain any of these mistakes. I am really obsessive about recording every row and decrease in my little yellow knitting notebook. To keep me organized. So pieces will match. So I won’t make mistakes. Ha.

I’m struggling with this dilemma…do I use “creative blocking” to make it fit, or do I continue my pursuit of perfection and start the whole piece over from the beginning?

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Vocabulary Lesson

I was taught, if you don’t know the meaning of a word, look it up. Apparently, many journalists today have misplaced their dictionaries.


  1. One who flees in search of refuge, as in times of war, political oppression, or religious persecution.
  2. An individual seeking refuge or asylum; especially: an individual who has left his or her native country and is unwilling or unable to return to it because of persecution or fear of persecution (as because of race, religion, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion).
  3. An exile who flees for safety


  1. Enforced removal from one’s native country.
  2. Self-imposed absence from one’s country.
  3. The condition or a period of living away from one’s native country.
  4. One who lives away from one’s native country, whether because of expulsion or voluntary absence.

The victims of hurricane Katrina are not refugees. They are not exiles. They are American citizens who have suffered from and will continue to suffer from the greatest natural disaster in this country’s history. Many, if not most, have lost their homes, possessions, and jobs. Too many have lost loved ones. They may be homeless. They may be evacuees. They have not left their country. They are not refugees. They are survivors and fellow citizens who need our help.

Please donate whatever you can. American Red Cross

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Eating Locally, Finally

Really, I had such good intentions. Encouraged by Liz, I was fired up to take part in the August Eat Local Challenge. It seemed like such an easy thing to do, determine my goals, do a little research, and add some locally grown and produced food to my shopping list each week. And Liz was so generous with her advice and support…But before I knew it August was gone, and I felt like a failure since this was the only local food I’d eaten all month. Sigh.

But today, my Dad phoned and announced he’d be stopping by for a visit. He brought me a surprise, locally grown tomatoes and eggplant from his little garden! Thanks Dad, I may be a few days late, but better late than never. Now I’m off to find a good eggplant recipe. Yum.

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